C. Kirk Root Designs

American Gem Society member, C. Kirk Root Designs, has been helping their customers find the perfect piece of jewelry since 1989. They also specialize in custom designs. We picked three of our favorite pieces of jewelry you can find at their store, and in doing so, it's like traveling around the world! 

First up, this Demantoid garnet ring:

Demantoid garnet ring by C. Kirk Root Designs

Garnets come in a range of colors and are mostly known for the deep reddish/brown hue. We love the beauty of this rare Demantoid garnet, though. Green and blue garnets tend to be more rare than in other colors, which can range from red to pink to orange!

The next beauty we found at C. Kirk Root Designs was this stunning Paraiba Tourmaline:

Pariba Tourmaline

Paraiba tourmaline is a vividly colored purplish or greenish blue variety found in Paraíba, Brazil. It’s the most recently discovered, and because of its desirably intense colors, it’s one of the most valuable. We love seeing this marquis cut tourmaline surrounded by a sea of sparkling diamonds. 

Last, but not least, we found this beautiful pair of pink sapphire earrings on C. Kirk Root Design's Facebook page. These beauties are from AGS designer member, Omi Privé.

Omi Prive Pink Sapphire Earrings

Pink sapphires, in particular, tow a fine line between ruby and sapphire. In the U.S., these gems must meet a minimum color saturation to be considered rubies. Sapphires are found in India, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, China, Australia, Brazil, Africa and North America.

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