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Branko Deljanin

Branko Deljanin, B.Sc., GG, FGA, DGA, DUG is a research gemmologist with extensive experience in advanced testing of gems and diamonds. He is Director of CGL-GRS Swiss Canadian gem lab in Vancouver, Canada. A graduate of the University of Belgrade in Geology, Deljanin earned his Graduate Gemologist diploma at GIA in 1995 and worked for three years at the GIA Gem Identification department on coloured diamonds, coloured stones and pearls in New York.

Deljanin is a Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain and served as an instructor for their programs. Since 1999, he has spent a great deal of time on studying treatments of natural diamonds and ID of synthetic diamonds (HPHT and CVD), natural pink diamonds, and is internationally recognized as a diamond authority. In 2001 he earned his Advanced Gemology Diploma (DUG) from the University of Nantes in France, on the subject “Identification of HPHT treated diamonds”. Branko has conducted on-site research on gems and coloured diamonds in Sri Lanka, Russia, Brazil and Australia, and has managed many research projects on natural, treated and synthetic diamonds.

Branko has been a regular contributor to trade and gemmological magazines (Canadian Business Jewellery, Gems and Gemology, New York Diamonds, In-Colour, Jewellery News Asia, JCK , Rapaport, Idex) and has presented reports at a number of prestigious research conferences (European Diamond, De Beers, Canadian Gemmological, Material Research, GIA and Asian Gemological Conferences). He is regularly an invited speaker at AGTA, ASA, AGA, GIA Alumni, ICA, NAJA and NCJV trade organizations.

Deljanin has co-authored books “Laboratory Grown Diamonds”, and “Identification of Diamond types and Synthetic Diamonds using CPF (Cross Polarized Filters)”. Branko is instructor of “Advanced Gemology” programs on diamonds and coloured stones currently offering in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Thailand, UK and USA.