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Arthur & Rachelle Goh

Well-versed in information technology and an experienced jewelry photographer, Arthur loved sharing his passion for jewelry photography and discussing the finer (and very complicated) points of jewelry photography with Rachelle, his beloved wife. Rachelle unfortunately wasn’t interested, and asked Arthur to find a way to make jewelry photography ‘idiot-proof’ for her instead, so she can just simply snap and share jewelry photos using her mobile phone quickly, without having to worry about anything else! Arthur took on the challenge, and after many months of intensive research, hard work, and testing, he presented his invention - the Light Catchers jewelry photography system - as a gift to Rachelle on Valentine’s Day, totally impressing her.

Trained in advertising and marketing, with an Honors Degree in Public and Promotional Communications, and having spent a decade working as a personal financial advisor to many clients who owned their own businesses, Rachelle immediately saw a real benefit in Arthur’s invention. Delving deeper, Rachelle quickly realized Light Catchers can be a real lifeline to many jewelry retailers, who are struggling to cope with intensifying competition, ever increasing costs and complexities of doing business in this online era of the Millennials, reduced profits, and looking for cost-effective ways to market their products and services. Armed with innovative online and social media marketing strategies, and the Light Catchers jewelry photo system to solve the challenge of acquiring low cost beautiful quality jewelry images required for online marketing, Rachelle aims to help jewelry retail businesses to adapt, survive, and thrive in this online era, and on a shoestring budget.