An Education Mecca: 2014 Conclave Will Offer Over 70 Educational Sessions, Plus GIA Lab Classes


April 16, 2014

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An Education Mecca: 2014 Conclave Will Offer Over 70 Educational Sessions, Plus GIA Lab Classes

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April 16, Las Vegas, NV. The American Gem Society’s annual Conclave is days away. Attendees will be able to take in wide range of educational classes, including practical business, sales and marketing advice. Conclave is also known though, for its hands-on, one-of-kind gemological training that members can only get at this annual education mecca.

One of the highlights of the American Gem Society’s (AGS) annual Conclave has always been the labs and lecture classes offered by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The 2014 Conclave in San Diego will once again carry on this proud tradition. In addition to the labs and classes, GIA is again sponsoring the Shipley luncheon with Susan Jacques, president and CEO of the Institute.

In total, there are over 70 different breakout sessions covering every topic a retailer and supplier needs to stay on top of their business. In addition to the breakout sessions, the annual Conclave will have a lineup of stellar keynote speakers, including Magic Johnson, Peter Sheahan, Erik Wahl, Bryan Dodge, James Spellos, Adam Markel, and Dr. James Martineau from Forevermark.

“No other conference in our industry offers this vital educational opportunity, or provides this level and amount of classes," said Ruth Batson, CEO and Executive Director of AGS.

The American Gem Society would like to thank our speaker sponsors: Forevermark (Magic Johnson), Jewelers Mutual Insurance (Peter Sheahan and Premier Sponsor of Conclave), Julius Klein Group (Erik Wahl), American Gem Society Laboratories (Bryan Dodge), Kassoy (James Spellos), and McTeigue Since 1895 (Adam Markel). 

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