American Gem Society Helps Men Make Jewelry Purchasing Shine

Five foolproof tips for men when picking the perfect engagement ring

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 Las Vegas— Since ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend,’ the American Gem Society (AGS) should be every man’s best friend, especially if they’re looking for the perfect engagement ring. Comprised of leading jewelry industry experts, AGS offers five foolproof tips to serve as a timely guide to turn any bauble beginner into a brilliant buyer.  

“At the American Gem Society, we know the proposal itself is daunting enough,” said Ruth Batson, AGS Executive Director and CEO. “With this list of top things to consider when buying a ring, men can hone their purchasing skills before even setting foot in a store.”

To guide buyers on the path to the perfect ring purchase, AGS offers five essential tips:                                                                                 

  • Let there be light. Look at the diamond in different light environments. It should retain its sparkle in a range of lighting conditions.
  • Shape your selection. Choose a shape that fits her personality. Someone who prefers more edgy fashions might go for a square cut, while a romantic might prefer a cushion-cut. Diamonds come in a variety of shapes: round brilliant, emerald, pear, oval and specialty cuts.
  • Final cut. No matter the shape, cut quality affects a diamond’s beauty and value more than any of the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity, carat weight). A well-cut 1 ¾-carat diamond may actually appear larger than a poorly cut 2-carat diamond—and it will sparkle more.
  • Think outside the (diamond ring) box. If diamonds aren’t her style, consider sapphires or rubies, which are tough enough to withstand daily wear. Rings also come in a variety of precious metals.
  • Get a second opinion. Ask to see diamonds that come with a grading report from a reputable diamond-grading Lab (such as AGS Laboratories.) These reports provide an objective analysis of the 4Cs so you know exactly you’re getting.

In addition to these fundamental tips, AGS also offers jewelry education, style picks each month for those “just-because” occasions and a list of certified AGS jewelers nearest you. When you’ve found the right person, find the right jeweler by visiting  

About American Gem Society

The American Gem Society, founded in 1934 by Robert M. Shipley, is a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to proven ethics, knowledge, and consumer protection within the jewelry industry. The American Gem Society is a professional organization awarding credentials for its members, who are held to the highest ethical and professional standards in the industry and must pass annual recertification examinations to maintain their titles. Less than five percent of jewelers in the country have met the exacting requirements necessary for membership.

For more information regarding the American Gem Society visit Keep up with AGS on Twitter / Facebook.

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