Padis Jewelry

Alexis PadisPadis Jewelry prides itself on being a family-owned and operated business in San Francisco since 1974.  This month, we are fortunate enough to feature Alexis Padis-MacMunn, RJ and Director of Operations & Marketing for Padis Jewelry, as our Retailer Spotlight.  Alexis was kind enough to answer our questions and provide some great insight from Padis Jewelry.

Spotlight Questionnaire

When did you first realize you were passionate about jewelry?

My parents were building their jewelry business while I was growing up, so my siblings and I were unavoidably always in the stores. I did my best to stay away from jewelry and had no intention of going into the business until I finally had the “light bulb moment.” I came home over holiday break from grad school and sold my first diamond engagement ring. The gentleman ended up proposing in-store. I vividly remember tearing up watching the whole thing happen in front of me and what a special moment I got to be a part of. They hugged me and thanked me profusely…for doing my job. I realized how rare of an industry the jewelry business is, and I knew I wanted to be a part of it.  

What’s your favorite part of your job?

I have both the blessing and the curse of wearing many hats in marketing and operations. It virtually guarantees that there is never a boring moment! I’m constantly multi-tasking and balancing the many facets of my job. I really enjoy the constant stimulation and the fact that I’m not just working for me, I’m working to the benefit of our wonderful staff and family, and for a business that will hopefully far outlive me! 

What do you consider to be the highlight of your career?

Attending my first *Conclave this year was the embodiment of over a year’s effort to become a member of AGS, and the event itself was by far the most engaging and worthwhile industry event I’ve been to. I am so proud to call our store an AGS store, and to be considered a part of such a wonderful community of jewelers. My experience at Conclave was the perfect start to our long-term relationship as a part of AGS and it signified a major shift in our strategy and goals for Padis Jewelry.

What do you think your customers think of you as a jewelry professional?

I’ve got a ton of energy to begin with, and it’s impossible for me to hide my excitement and enthusiasm for jewelry and gemstones on the sales floor. I think my clients sense that genuine passion, and it puts them at ease. I back up that passion with knowledge as a Graduate Gemologist (GG), and I always try to blend the romance of the fine jewelry buying process with the science behind gemstones and how amazing they truly are. My goal is to always have the clients appreciate the “mine to finger” process and to educate them to the point where they understand the value of what they are selecting. 

What are your hobbies—is there one (or several) that you are passionate about?

In addition to my role in the jewelry business, I also head up operations at Padis Vineyards, the family winery in Napa. I’m a big wine fan (especially after a long day on the sales floor), and when I need a break from the jewelry side, I can completely switch gears to the wine side! I really get the best of both worlds. 

I am also a diehard Oakland sports fan (Raiders, A’s and Warriors) and a sports fan in general. I was nationally ranked as a young tennis player and also played lacrosse in college. Anytime there is an opportunity to compete or talk fantasy football, you can count me in!

* Conclave is the premier educational event in the jewelry industry that the American Gem Society hosts annually.