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The American Gem Society Laboratories

Since 1996, the AGS Laboratories has provided modern diamond grading services to members of the industry. Today, we continue with our innovative approaches to diamond grading and consistently adhere to the AGS consumer protection ethics and standards.

The AGSL promotes the highest professional standards of ethics, education and service. Consumers benefit from AGSL documents because they are empowered with detailed information about their diamond, and can rest assured that the report is the industry's most thorough and consistent.

The team of professionals at the AGS Laboratories are dedicated and committed to the following:

  • Consistency in Diamond Grading
  • Accuracy in Diamond Grading 
  • Superior Customer Service is our Guarantee to You 
  • Flexibility in Grading Report Formats
  • Results Oriented....Upon Receipt, Five Business Day Turnaround Time to Obtain the Grading Results

Explore the Possibilities....buying a diamond does not have to be scary or frustrating.  The more you know about a diamond's quality, the easier the diamond buying process.  When buying a diamond,  simply request to see its AGS Laboratories report; the only report that grades a dianond to the industry's highest standards. 

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