AGS Members Take Over Instagram

If you follow the American Gem Society on Instagram, then you may have witnessed an AGS Instagram Takeover. It's when an AGS member gets to showcase their designs for one day on our Instagram page.

These "Takeovers" are friendly, fun, and informative! Below are a few examples of members who have recently participated.


Jeffrey Daniels Unique Designs by Gem Platinum

Gem Platinum


Suna Bros.

Suna Bros


Omi Privé

Omi Prive


The Inspired Collection

The Inspired Collection


ASHI Diamonds

ASHI Diamonds


To see the full takeovers for each of the above members, visit Instagram and search #AGSTakeover. Be sure to follow us and stay tuned for more AGS Instagram Takeovers.

If you'd like to see more images of gorgeous jewelry designs, follow us on Facebook (@AmericanGemSociety1934), Twitter (@AmerGemSociety) and Pinterest (amergemsociety).



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