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The Platinum Diamond Quality Document

Platinum Diamond Quality(Click on image to view PDF version)

AGS Laboratories uses a scientifically vetted cut-grading system, based on optical physics and the American Gem Society’s proprietary ray-tracing software. This three-dimensional analysis is the ultimate test for evaluating the performance of light in a diamond, which is the cornerstone of the Diamond Quality® Document (DQD) and the Platinum Diamond Quality® Document. 

The performance-based cut grade is available for Round Brilliant, Princess, Oval, Emerald and Cushion-shaped diamonds.

All the detail of the Diamond Quality® Document plus the patented computer-generated Light Performance map unique to each diamond are what make the Platinum Diamond Quality® Document the ultimate grading report.

When you are shopping, you appreciate the value of brands you know and trust. This concept is embraced by the diamond industry as well, from the retailer to the designers who create the jewelry.

For diamond companies who have developed unique and patented cut designs, the AGS Laboratories offers the opportunity to provide a specialized proprietary version of the Platinum Diamond Quality® Document, featuring the company's own logo on the face of the document.

Buy a brand you trust; and buy it with an exclusive diamond grading report from the AGS Laboratories.

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