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Gold Diamond Quality Report

Gold Diamond Quality ReportAGS’ scientifically vetted cut-grading system has received rave reviews for accuracy and consistency. However, many in the trade continue to use proportion-based grading for evaluating the Round Brilliant diamond cut. 
The AGS Laboratories' challenge was: Could we develop a way to accommodate this preference? 

The result is the AGS Laboratories Gold Diamond Quality® Report. 

By adapting the cut-grade technology from a three-dimensional system to a two-dimensional system, we are able to present our light performance evaluation in a proportion-based report for diamond cut. You have the science of the three-dimensional diamond cut grade with the familiarity and simplicity of the two-dimensional system for the Round Brilliant cut diamond.

The Gold Diamond Quality® Report is presented in a plastic sleeve with a front pocket, which contains a card with the diamond’s basic information. The result? It’s easy for jewelers to find the right diamond. 

This new simplicity is the beauty of the Gold Report.

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