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Diamond Quality Document

AGS Diamond Quality Document
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The AGS Diamond Quality® Document (DQD) is a keystone of the grading reports offered by the AGS Laboratories, and provides both our clients and consumers with the most detailed information available on a diamond. The Diamond Quality® Document is one of the most popular grading reports offered, showing cut (if available), color, clarity and carat weight, as well as a diamond profile showing measurements, a custom plot with the actual facet arrangement, and inscription details. To say that it is a completely comprehensive diamond grading report would be an understatement!

The Diamond Quality® Document is the industry’s only grading report that offers a three-dimensional performance-based cut grade for the Round Brilliant, Square Princess, Emerald, Oval and Cushion-shaped diamonds. 

The Diamond Quality® Document is also offered in a “Platinum” option.

The AGS Diamond Quality® Document — the first name in Ideal Cut..

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