AGS Laboratories: Protecting Consumers One Diamond at a Time

Jason Quick, Laboratory Director at AGS Laboratories, was recently interviewed by Jewellery Business, a premier jewelry trade magazine in Canada. In the article, Quick discusses AGS Laboratories diamond grading research, his take on the state of diamond grading, the art of cutting a diamond, as well as "Esperanza," the diamond that recently made news after being discovered in Arkansas. Esperanza was cut and polished at AGS Laboratories, and according to Quick is "absolutely mesmerizing."

In the interview, Quick states that diamonds should not be considered as a commodity, but appreciated more for their artistry. 

“To me, it makes a lot of sense to buy diamonds for what they are and to have their cut and beauty be part of that,” Quick explains. “Diamonds fall in the space of art—they are sculptures that are cut to be beautiful.” 

Read the full interview here:


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