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AGS Diamond Grading Standards Summary: Talking Points for Your Customers

When talking to your customers, please include this important piece of history in your sales presentation. It helps them understand the longevity and prominence of the AGS, and the role it has played in our industry for the past 50 years since the first publication. Some points to consider:

  • In 1966, the American Gem Society was the first organization in the United States to publish diamond grading standards.  
  • Only members of the American Gem Society are trained to grade diamonds using these standards.
  • Robert M. Shipley, the founder of AGS, was instrumental in creating the Standards. Mr. Shipley, also formed the Gemological Institue of America.
  • The AGS Diamond Grading Standards Manual is historic in the jewelry industry because it was the first of its kind to provide written proof of why a diamond was graded a particular way.
  • The AGS Diamond Grading Standards were created as part of the AGS mission of consumer protection; the standards protect the consumer by spelling out the various aspects of diamond quality and value.  
  • One key significance of the AGS Diamond Grading Standards Manual is that it is the first of its kind to include standards for all 4Cs, including cut. This is important because cut can affect the value of a diamond by more than 50%.
  • To celebrate the anniversary, the American Gem Society has a special section on its website commemorating the release of the AGS Diamond Grading Standards. Please visit americangemsociety.org/DGS50 for more information.