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Accredited Gem Laboratory

 The American Gem Society Accredited Gem Laboratory -
Professional Gemological Identification Services

Accredited Gem Lab image Accredited Gem Laboratory Certificate

The American Gem Society Accredited Gem Lab is a special designation awarded to select members that have met the strict requirements listed below:

  • A permanent designated laboratory space
  • Diamond scales that measure carat weight to 0.002 carat accuracy
  • Binocular microscope with at least 10X magnification
  • Leveridge gauge or millimeter gauge for measuring diamonds and color gemstones
  • Diamond grading light source for evaluating diamond color
  • Master Color Comparison diamonds for evaluating diamond color
  • Refractometer - testing of color gemstones
  • Polariscope - testing of color gemstones
  • Dichroscope - testing of color gemstones
  • Long wave and short wave UV light source - testing of diamonds and color gemstones
  • Specific gravity liquids or scale attachment - testing of color gemstones
  • A gemological reference library - source of information regarding the identification, evaluation and valuation of diamonds and color gemstones


  • A Certified Gemologist® or Certified Gemologist Appraiser American Gem Society® on staff to oversee the proper use of the equipment and library.

Contact AGSEducation@ags.org for an application.