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About AGS Laboratories

Trust Us to Protect You

When shopping for a diamond, trust the AGS Laboratories. We protect consumers by providing expert, third-party evaluation of a diamond’s quality characteristics. Our Diamond Grading reports help you to make an informed purchase when choosing a diamond. We know it’s a big investment and we want you to feel confident and secure when you buy diamonds or diamond jewelry.

Some say we are tough when it comes to diamond grading, and that is just fine by us! It means we are fulfilling our mission to protect you when you make these important purchases.

A Leader in Industry Firsts

Since our founding in 1996, the AGS Laboratories has achieved many industry firsts and accomplishments by pursuing our mission statement. Among our highlights, we:

  • Pioneered the Ideal Cut Grade for the Round Brilliant diamond. (You may also hear it called the AGS Ideal or the Triple Zero Cut.)
  • Created the first scientifically reviewed, objective, and repeatable Cut Grade method in the industry — still the only of its kind.
  • Became the first major lab to offer diamond grading reports with a Cut Grade for fancy shapes, including Princess, Emerald, and Oval, as well as patented proprietary cuts.
  • Offer diamond grading reports that have a simple, straightforward, and intuitive scale and provide all the information you need to be comfortable in your diamond-buying decision.
  • Provide a variety of diamond grading reports, both with and without a diamond Cut Grade, to suit the specific needs of diamond manufacturers, retail jewelers, and of course, you, the consumer.

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