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2014 Keynote Speakers




OPENING LUNCH GENERAL SESSION • 12:00-2:00PM: The Magic of Winning

From his outstanding NBA career to his current title as CEO of Magic Johnson Enterprises (MJE), Earvin “Magic” Johnson knows a thing or two about winning. Magic will lend his expertise in leadership and teamwork as well as his passion for business and philanthropy in his riveting keynote speech, “the Magic of Winning,” at the opening session on April 23.




BREAKFAST GENERAL SESSION • 8:00-9:45AM: Making it Happen

Peter Sheahan is a world renowned speaker on exploiting business trends and new market opportunities. He’s been named the National Speakers Association Keynote Speaker of the Year, and is considered one of the 25 most sought after speakers in America. He’s the author of six books, including Generation Y and Fl!p, and is a regular presenter on Fox Business, CNBC and the BBC. His newest book Making It Happen unpacks his insights on the execution of ideas through focused business growth, understanding buying behavior and compelling market positioning. In this exciting session, Sheahan will share his cutting-edge perspective on the world, and help you find ways to re-think your competitive advantage, improve your margins through some non-sexy innovations, turn chaos into opportunity and find new and betters ways to do what you do. You’ll leave this session inspired to take the intelligent risks required to innovate and drive change.



BREAKFAST GENERAL SESSION • 8:00-9:30AM: The Art of Vision

Conclave presents it first ever . . . graffiti artist? Erik Wahl is an internationally recognized graffiti artist, author and entrepreneur, and simply put, redefines the term “keynote speaker.” Pulling from his history as both a businessman and an artist, he has grown to become one of the most sought-after corporate speakers available today. Erik’s on-stage painting seamlessly becomes a visual metaphor to the core of his message, encouraging organizations toward profitability through innovations and superior levels of performance. His list of clients includes AT&T, Disney, London School of Business, Microsoft, FedEx, Exxon Mobil, Ernst & Young, and XPrize; Erik has& even been featured as a TED presenter. He’s the Warhol of Wall Street, the Renoir of ROI, the Picasso of Productivity, the Jobs of… well, having a Job. Erik’s presentation, The Art of Vision, is an entertaining and highly practical program that uncovers new ways to make your organization more creative and ultimately more profitable.



CLOSING LUNCH GENERAL SESSION • 1:15-2:30PM: How to Have Your Best Year Ever

Professional speaker, author, business consultant, and radio show personality Bryan Dodge will open your mind and heart to help you focus on the most essential aspects of life. Most importantly, he will inspire you to reach your full potential with your family and career. To accomplish this goal, Bryan teaches a stair-step method on how top producers and effective leaders keep on the cutting edge and achieve excellence. Bryan’s message on professional growth and personal development focuses on three key areas. First, he will show you how to have your best year ever with his EAT Philosophy. Second, he will coach you on how to create consistent upward growth in your life. Third, he will energize you with life-changing humorous stories that will move you to take charge of your own personal growth. Bryan touches his audiences through his own gift of inspiration and encouragement that helps give a clearer vision to make right choices. The best part of his message is that his delivery style makes learning fun and memorable!