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2014 Featured Speakers




10:00-11:30AM: Hot Technologies 2013: It’s Mobile, Social & Local

How are you keeping up with the technological advancements that impact your job and career? Do you find that you’re barely able to keep pace with the latest developments? Spellos will teach you what’s new and way cool in technology within the jewelry industry in this fun, fastpaced look at what’s here for us to use now and what’s coming in the near future. Discover the critical information about the latest smart phone and iPad/tablet apps. You will leave the session understanding the importance of mobile & social tools for your business, and how using this technology will help you sell more jewelry in your store.

3:00-4:30PM: The Social Tsunami: How to Drink from the Information Fire Hose Using Only a Straw

Do you feel buried by an avalanche of information these days? The most important tech topic of 2014 is something called “Social Curation”. It’s the tool that will dig you out from underneath the avalanche and create content rich sites for your customers. Social Curation makes you a content publisher, as well as providing the tools to manage the information flow that comes into your computer, tablet or smart phone. These tools are the critical time savers and information managers every business person needs.

James Spellos, who delivers over 150 seminars annually, is the President of Meeting U., a company specializing in helping people become more productive and comfortable with technology. He is also is an adjunct faculty member at New York University, teaching in the School of Professional and Continuing Studies.



10:00-11:30AM AND 3:00-4:30PM: The 10 steps to becoming the Ultimate Sales Leader

Effective sales leadership starts with, and depends on, quality communication! Adam Markel will rev up your sales techniques and help you better define your selling goals, overcome challenges and create new strategies for continued success. If you are not selling as much as you’d like (and who doesn’t!) you’ll learn tips to achieving the sales goals you desire.

Adam Markel is a Business Attorney, Entrepreneur, Author, and Executive Director of one of the largest business success training companies in the world.



10:00-11:00AM: Building a Team that Works Without You

Get energized to unleash your full potential with new skills in how to lead today’s generation. Bryan Dodge will you give you the tools to create a culture that stands strong during tough times and excels during the good ones. You will learn effective communication and team-building skills that will form the chemistry of a winning team. You’ll receive guidelines on maintaining essential work/home balance and time management tips you will readily embrace.

Bryan Dodge is one of America’s most sought-after speakers, making over 250 appearances last year alone.