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The AGS Laboratories Difference

AGS Laboratories offers a variety of services designed to help you sell more diamonds, and save you time and money. In today’s marketplace, never has brand reputation been so important. Whether you are selling diamonds with an AGS Laboratories Diamond Grading Report, or using one of our many diamond grading related services, you have one less thing to worry about. 

Here’s a quick summary of what makes our full-service diamond grading lab different. 

Versatility. While AGS Laboratories is known for the AGS Ideal®, we were the first major diamond grading laboratory to offer cut grades for fancy and proprietary shapes. 

Accessibility. AGS Laboratories knows the importance of attaining quick and easy access. You can verify your report at, or scan your document’s QR Code and download a PDF of your report. Then there’s Only My Diamond®, which offers an online diamond grading report and a tutorial of everything you need to know about your diamond. 

Security. Our diamond grading reports provide several unique security features—some proprietary—which are not found on any other diamond grading reports. 

Efficiency. From diamond grading for loose diamonds, to sorting services, natural diamond verification, laser inscription, customized reports, and more—AGS Laboratories offers products and services in one location, saving you time and money. 

Quality. Consumers want brands they can trust. Since 1934, the American Gem Society has been one of the most trusted names in our industry, and is stronger than ever. AGS Laboratories is a nonprofit diamond grading laboratory created with a mission of consumer protection, and we are spreading the word in our integrated marketing campaign, which targets mainstream media, through public relations and a strong online and social media presence. More and more consumers are turning to the AGS brand for their diamond buying needs.