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FAQs for Laboratory-Grown Diamond Grading Report

What makes the Laboratory-Grown Diamond Grading Report from AGS Laboratories different?

The Laboratory-Grown Diamond Grading Report from AGS Laboratories serves the AGS mission of consumer protection by providing a report that offers:

  • Enhanced educational information
  • Provides key information in clear and simple terms
  • A distinct look and differentiated from other AGS Laboratories reports, including a different number sequence.
  • Is in a digital document format, and is a component of Only My Diamond® (OMD) for Laboratory-Grown Diamonds, which contains additional educational information.
  • Uses “LG” for “laboratory-grown” before the color and clarity grade to distinguish from natural diamond grades.
  • Focuses on the elements unique to laboratory-grown diamonds, i.e., their growth method.
  • Focused on precision cutting; only laboratory-grown diamond grading report with “AGS Ideal®.”
  • The “Laboratory-Grown” inscription and unique identifier are required.
  • Color and clarity grades are due to industrial processes and do not reflect the rarity of the grades.

Does AGS Laboratories use the same terminology on the laboratory-grown diamond as it does on its natural diamond grading report?

Our intent for the unique color and clarity grading nomenclature is to distinguish the grading from natural diamonds while providing a basis for comparison. Specifically, “LG” (“Laboratory-Grown”) is used to differentiate the interpretation of the grading from natural diamonds. For example, a laboratory-grown diamond could receive an LG-D for a color grade and an LG-VS1 for a clarity grade. This interpretation is further supplemented by the following statement which appears above the color and clarity grades: “It is important to note that the color and clarity grades do not reflect the rarity of a laboratory-grown diamond, but rather the quality and consistency of the manufacturing process.”

How does the cut grade appear on the laboratory-grown diamond report?

As a leader in diamond cut research and grading, we wanted to provide a high-end report for laboratory-grown diamonds that are cut to a high level of precision and performance and will provide clear information on the other “Cs” to avoid confusion with natural diamonds. This is the only report of its kind for laboratory-grown diamonds to offer the AGS Ideal® cut grade, which utilizes our patented light-performance cut grading methods and grading standards. By doing so, we can help manufacturers create more beautiful laboratory-grown diamonds for discriminating jewelry buyers.

The AGS cut grade utilizes the standard AGS 0 to 10 cut grade scales and does not utilize the LG designation used for color and clarity. Since the cut quality of both natural and laboratory-grown diamonds is a function of the cutting and polishing process, the LG designation is not used for laboratory-grown diamonds to differentiate them from natural diamonds. The online platform supplements the digital report by offering additional educational material about laboratory-grown diamonds as well as an optional video of the actual laboratory-grown diamond, showcasing its clarity, color, and light performance. The goal of the report and online platform is to provide the retailer with a powerful tool to transparently explain the attributes of laboratory-grown diamonds, including the light performance and craftsmanship of the cut.

Do you list growth method on your report?

Yes, there is a description of the laboratory-grown growth method used. We feel like that is important for the consumer to understand the details behind how the laboratory-grown diamond was created. For example, we provide a brief explanation on the report explaining the difference between HPHT and CVD. We seek to deliver information on our reports and online platform that helps the customer understand and appreciate their purchase.

If you are interested in obtaining a laboratory-grown diamond grading report for your jewelry line, please fill out this short form: