AGS Laboratories:
More than Diamond Grading

 You know AGS Laboratories as one of the world’s premier diamond grading labs. You may be surprised at our breadth of products and services. Here’s a snapshot of what we can do to help you sell more diamonds: 

Diamond Grading Reports

Grading reports for loose round brilliant or fancy shaped natural diamonds, brown diamonds, and laboratory-grown diamonds. We also offer proprietary cut grade reports.

Only My Diamond®

Experience this online, interactive custom selling platform, that brings the diamond’s story to life. Ask about customizable features!

Platinum Diamond Quality® Document (DQD)

Our team will recommend the best products and services that will help you sell more diamonds. We offer the Platinum DQD for AGS Ideal® round and fancy cut diamonds. 

In-Case Display Cards

Want a snapshot of your diamond’s qualities right next to it in the case? We have you covered.

Cut Optimization Consulting Services

Work with our team of research experts in optimizing fancy, proprietary, or patented cuts to achieve the AGS 0 Ideal® grade.

Laser Inscription

We use cutting-edge technology to safely and securely
laser inscribe your diamond’s report number or special
messages, along the girdle.

Program Development

When you work with our laboratory to develop a program, you receive one-on-one consulting with our business development experts. Let us customize a report that helps you sell to your target audience.

To learn more visit our lab services page.